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WPC decking extrusion machine

Extrusion machine for outdoor WPC decking
Machine's Introduction: 
Needless granulating of materials, mixed with wood powder, the material can be directly 
used to extrude wood-plastic profiles.
Suitable material: PE, PP + wood powder, PVC + wood powder
Applicable for producing salver, packaging box board and decorative sheets, etc.
WPC making Process Flows: 
Plant fiber (20-40 mesh) + recycled plastic(PE/PP) + additives
high speed heating mixer --WPC granule extrusion line --PE WPC profile production line-- 
finished productsanding/brushing/embossing surface treatment crusher for recycle
Equipment List of PE WPC extrusion line:
1. Heat mixing machine
2. WPC pelletizing extruder
3. Pelletizing mould
4. Granule cutter
5. Blower
6. WPC profiles extruder
7. Mould
8. Calibration Unit and water cooling tank
9. Haul-off machine
10. Cutter
11. Stacker