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Process of PVC plastic formwork machine

Release time:06 Dec 2017

PVC foam board machine is our latest updated products.It shows superior performance, high reliability and practicality with its compact structure, advanced configuration and outstanding output in the production of 3-30mm thick, high-qualified and colored PVC and WPC foam board.Our extruder adopts Celuka foam technology. These processes result in a "skinning" or outer layer of foam board and harder or more scratch resistant. This kind of PVC foam board can not only have much smoother surface but also have more skin hardness compared with other PVC boards.The basic process of WPC profile extrusion line is as following:1. Material Mixing: PVC + additives or PVC + wood powder + additives 2. Extrusion Processing: mixed material going through the extruder, calibration unit, cooling bracket and cutter 3. Final Products: PVC or WPC foam board